Most Famous Brand Mascots of All Time

Brands Mascots most popular in India

Brand mascots play a crucial role in shaping the identity and recognition of companies in India. These iconic characters serve as the face of various brands, leaving a lasting impression on consumers. Over the years, several mascots have become deeply ingrained in the collective memory of the Indian public. This article explores some of the most famous brand mascot designs of all time in India.

Amul Girl – The Butterly Delight

The Amul Girl, with her cheerful and mischievous grin, has been an integral part of Indian pop culture since 1966. Created by Eustace Fernandes, this mascot represents the renowned dairy brand, Amul. Through her witty and timely topical advertisements, she has entertained and engaged audiences, while also commenting on current events.


The Walt Disney Brand Mascots Organization began as a little organization made by an enterprising man by the name of Walt Disney. In 1995, the Walt Disney Co. presented its most notable logo. Mickey Mouse turns 80 years of age in 2018. Mickey’s ears are as yet one of the most renowned social symbols of the twentieth and 21st hundreds of years.

Parle-G’s Little Girl

Famous Brands Mascots Parle-G’s biscuit brand features a memorable mascot of a cute, blue-eyed, and rosy-cheeked little girl. Launched in 1969, this mascot has become synonymous with Parle-G biscuits and evokes feelings of nostalgia for millions of Indians who have grown up consuming these iconic biscuits.


The Pillsbury Doughboy has been on the promoting stage starting around 1965 as a novel kid character made of batter. The plan of this happy animation character includes a scarf and a gourmet expert cap which gives the feeling that this chubby fella is a genuine pro at cooking. To an enormous degree, this grinning kid added to the progress of the Poppin’ New product offering and, surprisingly, began showing up in other brands’ plugs.

Ronald McDonalds

Mc Donalds Brand Mascots
Mc Donalds Brand Mascots

However, Ronald probably won’t be as in every case present in Mcdonald’s marking today as he used to be. He actually stays one of the most well-known mascots ever.

Ronald McDonald was the renowned comedian behind the cheap food chain. Showing up in everything from TV advertisements to bundling for the Mcdonald’s brand.

Ronald really showed up close by various other mascot characters in the McDonalds line-up throughout the long term, including Frown, and the Hamburglar.

The person displayed the brand tones for Mcdonald’s and assisted with conveying the feeling of euphoria the organization was endeavoring to make, with the utilization of a jokester as the brand’s nonentity.


Starbucks Brand Mascots
Starbucks Brand Mascots

From its little starting points in 1971, the Starbucks logo configuration has forever been a two-followed mermaid. Nowadays, we call her by her legitimate name – the alarm, despite the fact that the freshest logo configuration doesn’t explicitly show that she has two tails. However, anybody who has heard the sing-songy voice of a Starbucks knows that those two stripey plans in favor of her face are truth be told her twin tails and that the green lady is undoubtedly a siren.

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